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The amount of Council Tax payable may be reduced in certain situations.

Single Person Discount          

If there is only one adult who lives in a property as their main home, a 25% discount can be awarded.  An adult is someone aged 18 or over.

To claim a single person discount, go to Council Tax Single Person Discount application form


Disregarded Persons Discount

Some persons are not counted when we look at the number of adults living in a property.  If the number of adults who are counted as living in the property is less than two, the Council Tax can be discounted for the period this applies.

The following groups of people may be not counted (subject to the necessary proof being provided):-

  • A person detained in prison or a secure health facility
  • A person who has a severe mental impairment
  • Persons in respect of whom Child Benefit is in payment
  • Full time students including 18 and 19 year olds still at school or college.  Where the student is at school or college and is aged under 20, the discount continues until the 31 October after they leave full-time education  
  • Apprentices earning less than £195 per week
  • Youth training trainees
  • Live-in carers providing care for at least 35 hours per week.  The carer must not be the partner of the person who is being cared for or the child's parent, if the person being cared for is under 18
  • Residents of hostels for the homeless 
  • Persons living in a religious community
  • Members and dependants of visiting armed forces
  • Persons with diplomatic privileges or immunities

To apply for a reduction, please provide details of your circumstances Council Tax - Discount for 'Disregarded' Persons, and we will issue the relevant application form and details of any documentation we require.


Unoccupied Property Discounts

If a property becomes unoccupied and substantially unfurnished, New Forest District Council has adopted a local scheme whereby the person liable to pay the council tax will receive a 100% discount for up to 1 month from the date the property first became unoccupied and substantially unfurnished.

If a new tenant or owner takes over responsibility for the council tax and the property remains unoccupied and substantially unfurnished, that person will only receive the balance (if any) of the 1 month discount i.e. the new tenant or owner does not receive a further 1 month discount.

We often come across situations where a tenant vacates their rented property before the end date of their tenancy.  In this scenario, although the tenant will continue to remain liable for the council tax until the end date of their tenancy agreement, they will be entitled to claim the discount from the date they move out, provided the property is substantially unfurnished.  This means that after the tenancy has ended and the landlord takes over responsibility for the council tax, they would only be entitled to claim a discount for the remainder of the 1 month period.




Updated: 8 Nov 2017
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