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Recreational Habitat Mitigation - Unilateral Undertaking

Securing contributions towards recreational mitigation

We live in a very special area of the country with easy access to the New Forest National Park and the coast. These unique and special places are recognised internationally as rare and precious habitats that require the highest levels of protection. With an ever-growing local population and large numbers of summer visitors, the pressures on these environments is increasing. To help relieve the pressure on these sensitive areas we are improving alternative, local facilities for dog walking and other activities.

In 2014, we adopted the Mitigation Strategy for European Sites (Recreational Pressure from Residential Development) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). This strategy uses a sliding scale, based on the location of the dwelling and the number of bedrooms per individual dwelling, to calculate the contribution for new residential development built within the District and within 5.6km of the Solent coastline. We will use the contribution to:

  1. provide alternative natural green spaces and recreational routes

  2. provide measures to manage the number of recreational visits to the New Forest European sites and the Solent Coast European sites; and to modify visitor behaviour within those sites to reduce the potential for harmful recreational impacts.

  3. monitor the impacts of new development and establish a better evidence base

 View the strategy here:

Mitigation Strategy for European Sites SPD

Follow the link below to the map and tables to find details of the contributions payable from 1 April 2020.

adobe icon Find the contribution payable on your development [219kb]

The financial contribution must be secured by a legal agreement confirming that the above financial contribution will be paid. This legal agreement will either be included within a S106 agreement or you may submit a Unilateral Undertaking (UU). In the case of UU, payments must be made before permission is granted. 

The UU can be downloaded and completed here: 

docs icon Unilateral Undertaking Recreational Habitat Mitigation [40kb]  

The UU must be submitted to the Council together with a red line plan, the contribution and a checking fee of £50.  This checking fee will be used to ensure that the title deeds and contribution are correct.  This fee is non-refundable.

Where planning permission is refused, and the financial contribution has been paid in advance of the decision, we will endeavour to refund the contribution (but not the £50 checking fee paid) six months after the decision to refuse permission has been made.

If Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is paid, or confirmed to be paid on the application, the Infrastructure contribution will be credited towards the total CIL payment due. Any CIL notices issued will make this clear.


Updated: 8 Apr 2020
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